Every Child has the right to an education.
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The Children that attend J. BRADLEY STRUOP SCHOOL are from extremely poor and disadvantaged families and up until now would never have the opportunity to be educated.

It is with the generous help and support from people like yourself that their and generations to come can receive an education and a platform to build a career.

The situation at present:

The school has no own building at present, it is running in a rented building.

Teachers are mostly on a voluntary basis and at this point we aim to pay them around 60 $ a month.. yes a month that's all it takes to provide one teachers wage.

In need of more teacher aids, stationery and equipment

This is just a start of what is needed to help the children of at least 70 families in this one small village.


Become a sponsor and make a regular monthly donation example: $25 - p/mth or whatever your budget allows. This type of sponsorship enables us to pay teacher wages and provides the children with ongoing educational needs.

Make a one off Donation.

Sponsor and correspond with an individual Student progressing into high school.. $45 per mth will cover all their needs ie: Bus travel, uniforms, books excursions etc. (Consolidate with a group of friends or family to achieve this)

Speak with business's or companies you may deal with in regards to becoming a sponsor or making a donation.( We will add their logo etc to the site)

Get together with friends to sponsor a little each per month

Talk to your families and friends about us and spread the word

From Small to however large any contribution is very generous of you, BUT it is not just monetary values that you can help us with... Here are some more ideas.

Speak with your local school who may like to becoming a sponsor and hold a out of uniform day or another fund-raising activity once a year and donating the monies raised.

Get together with friends and hold a fundraiser ie.. Garage sale.

You may know someone in the stationery business or sporting equipment who may be willing to help.

You may have some idea of your own that you could share with our Director, HE would be happy to hear your ideas.

Thank-you for taking the time to read how you can help

If you are considering becoming a sponsor or to make a donation PLEASE contact to :-

J BRAD STROUP azstroup1@gmail.com or

Bablu kumar Bablu_raj@yahoo.com