Every Child has the right to an education.
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Curriculum / Students

Our Mission:  We believe that India, and especially the state of Bihar and the town of Bodhgaya must educate its poor children or they will suffer and many of them will die. Our mission is to educate as many of these young children as we are able in the essential subjects of human knowledge: language, religious faith, mathematics, science, history and sports. Our hope is that the fundamentals of enlightenment will hellp them grow up to be healthy, happy and prosporous.

Today we have 75 children in 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades, four teachers and one staff. All the kids come from parents who can pay nothing for education so that no child can go to school. Parents and children come from Bodhgaya and surrounding villages where poverty and disease are everywhere.

Now we have two qualified teachers for 10 of the kids, but plan to bring more qualified teachers for all children in soon. Schedule is a full six hour day of classes and projects in math, science, language (reading and writing in Hindi and English), history (India and the world), religious prayer (Hindu and Buddhist) and sports every day. Classes will run five days a week for 10 months a year.

We plan to graduate our 3rd grade students into public schools or into our JBS expanded school fully qualified to continue their education with support from our sponsors.