Every Child has the right to an education.
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The children attending the JBS SCHOOL come from extremely poor and disadvantaged families in the Bodhgaya area. This school provides them the only education they will have.

Our school building is rented in the outskirts of Bodhgaya. It accommodates 75 kids in three grades. We need more teachers, materials, equipment and class-room space.

While our teachers serve partly on a voluntary basis, we are able to pay each of them around $60 (US dollars) a month now.

This school is just a beginning. We can add teachers (who are qualified and want to teach), and books, materials and equipment (all available in the village), and obtain added class-room space. And we can add hundreds of poor kids to our classes. We only need the support and funds from those who wish to see the children of Bodhgaya grow up to have successful lives filled with loving kindness and compassion, as the Buddha taught.


Consider becoming an investor in the children of JBS School by making a monthly, quarterly or annual investment in their education. These funds go directly to support our teachers and the materials to cover school operations.

Consider sponsoring one or several students at the school. $45 a month will cover the costs of the travel, books, materials, and uniforms for one student. We will send you the names and profile of each student you sponsor. As they learn to write, you can correspond with them and receive reports of their progress.

Consider having schools in your neighborhood become a Brother/Sister school to JBS School, so that you can share in each other’s location, history, language and education. We can swap T-shirts and photographs.

If you are considering becoming a sponsor or to make a donation PLEASE contact to :-

J BRAD STROUP azstroup1@gmail.com or

Bablu kumar Bablu_raj@yahoo.com